Review of GeoQuiz App



Geoquiz is an interactive app that tests knowledge about the Earth, beyond just capitals and matching countries with flags. Middle School social studies students could benefit greatly by using this app, but it is also well suited for younger and older students as well as adults.  This app is supported by both on Android OS and iOS and is free to download.   There are eleven quiz categories from which to choose: Countries and Flags; Capital Cities of the World; Oceans, Rivers and Lakes; Mountains and Peaks; Forests, Deserts and Plains; People; Extremes; The Big Picture; The Great Explorers; Climate Change; and Food.  Each quiz follows the same pattern.  You are given 20 questions.  The question is laid out on the left side of the screen and four possible answers are given on the right side. You tap the correct answer and then tap the “final answer” button to lock in your answer.  The next slide will tell you whether you’ve answered correctly and then give further information about the subject matter. At the end of the quiz you’re given a score, how long it took you to complete the quiz and the option to post your results on social media sites.

Not only is Geoquiz educational, it is fun to play.  Certain quizzes would be appropriate for elementary school students to use, especially if it is accompanied by an international geography or physical geography lesson. rates it at a third grade level, but states that younger children may get frustrated with some of the questions.  As a whole the Geoquiz app is appropriate for Middle School students and older, with certain categories also appropriate for a younger audience. Adults too can have fun with the Geoquiz, but after a couple of uses the questions begin to recycle.  Repetitive questions can help reinforce what students learn, but might detract from adult fun.  Meg Butler at also points out that the limited number of questions and no upgrade or update possibility give this app a short shelf life. The content of Geoquiz is free of commercial interest, but there are ads displayed at the bottom on the screen; the paid version comes without ads.  The app was developed as a “beautiful geography quiz” and it is, but it also incorporates culture, science and history.  This is not an app that will accompany a child through their schooling, but will provide some hours of educational entertainment.