Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math is a free educational app available on both Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Android products. The app provides a “Math Problem of the Day” that provides information on what they will be solving, breaks the “Problem of the Day” into different age groups—for “Wee Ones,” “Little Kids,” and “Big Kids”—making it math for up to 5th grade! The app also has an explore feature that allows you to solve past problems. It also has a “Surprise” problem. The app can also be used in Spanish as well as English.

When you first download the app, it will ask you to choose an edition—either the community edition or the individual edition. The community edition is available if you receive a code from a teacher, educator, etc. The individual app is for people who just want to have fun with the app. You can change the setting in the app later if you receive a code. It also has a feature on the edition page that asks takes you to tips on how to use the app—like NOT to use it in school! The company is more interested in getting kids engaged with math at home—where it is not required! They also have information on what teachers can do to join the community and offer a “Crazy 8s Club.” This app also has on online website:, which you can get to through the app; however, it does have a cool feature that allows parents to make sure the “wee ones” aren’t opening the website themselves and of course—you have to answer a math question before allowing the site to open! They also have information on kits to use in after school clubs!

Bedtime Math has received multiple awards and School Library Journal has so much information on how Bedtime Math is also helping at the library (check out the “For Library” section on their website)! There has also been a recent study led by the University of Chicago that shows this app boosts kids’ math performance. Read in it Science here: “Bedtime problems boost kids’ math performance”. This app is enjoyable, has fun sound effects, and makes math not as scary as I once remember it! Math fun can also be extended by books—Laura Overdeck, the creator of Bedtime Math also has two books outs. See how libraries have been using Bedtime Math in programming—especially over the summer! School Library Journal Summer Math Programs. This app is quick, fun, and makes math enjoyable for all involved.