Adventure Time – Cartoon Network

Adventure Time

With an opening that brings to mind an animated version of the game Candy Land and a 90s video game, Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network series developed for children ages 10 and older.  The adventure changes with each episode, but the feature of the plot is that Finn and his dog Jake venture throughout the land of Ooo and take on a new adventure in every new location.  The pair often comes upon a new foe and must fight and use small weapons or magic to move on to their next adventure.  While the purpose of this show is clearly to entertain, there are moments where  lessons are imparted.  Finn and Jake, along with new characters they meet along the way, learn to work together, the importance of respecting the differences of others, and how to compromise – as in the case of the fighting Vikings and sad mountain.

The show is appropriate for this age range, though parents of younger children should be wary of some of the language, but it does not venture into four-letter-word territory.  There is some violence in each show, but even that is relatively tame; the audience is not subjected to lengthy scenes of gore.  Parents may want to know that there are references to kissing and may present some discomfort for parents of younger viewers.

Adventure Time is clever, funny, and very well presented.  Watching this cartoon is like looking at a series of images from a well-drawn book.  At several points I was tempted to pause the show to look at the screen just to take in all of the images.  It is a beautiful presentation.  Of adventure time, Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media writes:  “Older kids capable of getting the show’s tongue-in-cheek, ironic, and referential humor will revel in the nonsensical fun, and are likely to be hooked by the sumptuous and surprisingly deep Adventure Time universe. Younger kids might be a bit baffled, but the show is so inventive and gorgeously rendered that even young kids may find it dazzling.”

I am certainly impressed by this show and would feel comfortable recommending Adventure Time to parents and children who wish to watch a television show that is heavy on adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and an overall good time.

Adventure Time – Cartoon Network

Common Sense Media Review

Eiyana Favers



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