WWF Together app: Review

(image from worldwildlife.org)

Listed as one of the “Top 10 Apps 2015” by School Library Journal, I decided to check out this free app on my iPad – the app is also available on Android devices and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This interactive app from World Wildlife Foundation gives a lot of information about animals all over the world on the endangered spectrum. Each animal has its own profile, with information about the animal and why it is in danger. Each animal profile varies in the information it contains and how the information is presented, making exploring each species fun.

I would like to add that the visuals of this app are well done; the animations are clean and simple, as are the app background images, making it comfortable to use. Guides help users to make sure each screen of information for the animal is visited before moving on to the next animal (though if one wanted to move on before viewing each screen, that is allowed as well). There is even a globe that turns at the user’s touch which points out the location of each endangered animal on the planet, which is an excellent comprehensive visual.

School Library Journal indicated the app is appropriate for grade three and up, though I felt a bit of the information was intended for more mature readers – so I would recommend this app for grades six and up; though it would be great if younger children explored the app with parents who can explain the material to them!

Overall, I feel this is a great app to download and check out, for both students and adults. It successfully educates users as well as entertains with interactive screens and stunning animal photographs. The app has been given positive reviews, with a review from Horn Book Magazine calling it an “informative and moving app,” and BestKidsApps.com saying “this makes a really good bedtime story.”

Review by KaylaAnn Villanueva, November 2015


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