Scribble Press


Scribble Press is a digital storytelling app that allows children to read, write, and create stories online and share them with others. This is done through various drawing tools, such as backgrounds, stickers, and stamps, and templates such as fill-in-the-blank story prompts. Users have several options. For those interested in creating their own story, they can use pre-existing templates to illustrate their story and can easily use features to type in unique text. It is also possible to draw directly in the app using a finger or stylus to create pictures rather than using the provided stamps or stickers. For users interested in reading, there is an option to upload and share your books with others so that it is possible to read a range of creative works made by other children on various topics. It is also possible to send ebooks to others or even print out stories to have hard copies.

Scribble Press is intended for children ages 3 and up and is used frequently in elementary classrooms; though it can be used with older children (and adults!) as well. Parents and educators should note that kids under age 13 are unable to create their own accounts and require the permission and support of an adult. This is done to help protect the personal information of users because their work is shared online to the public. The makers of the app take care to keep the publicly created and shared information appropriate for children; all stories that are created are held for 24 hours in order to ensure that content is appropriate. Currently, it is a free app for tablets though this version has limited content and features. There are additional options on a Premium version of the app that costs $5.99. Like many other apps on the market; it can be frustrating how a majority of “the goodies” are locked away and require in-app purchases or an upgrade to the Premium version; however, even the free basic version lives up to its name and gives users the opportunity to create digital stories and engage with other users within an online community.

Overall, the app is well reviewed by several sources. Dana Villamagna from Common Sense Media writes that “options for creativity are nearly limitless…Scribble Press lives up to its motto – ‘Imagine, Create, Publish’—and it’s a great way for kids to explore storytelling, illustrating, and publishing.” It was also voted as one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 iPad apps for Kids in 2012 and reviewed strongly by users on and Famigo. Templates and stickers are generic (not including figures or images of popular culture or media icons) yet fun and appealing for children. It is recommended as a wonderful tool to have in the classroom to supplement reading and writing curriculum as well as at home as an engaging and educational activity for children.

– J.Yi


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