The Adventure of Captain Underpants: The Epic First App

The Adventures of Captain Underpants is an app where players can create their own avatar, play games, create music, and even read a story. One of the parts of the app is the Book-O-Rama where users can read George and Harold’s adventure. The user can choose to listen to the narrator with sound effects or read it on their own. Interspersed in the book are some of the games users can play. Users can create a custom avatar and there are many spots available to let multiple people use this app. After creating the avatar the app gives the user a custom Captain-Underpants-like name. There is also Skate-o Rama, Stretch-O-Rama and 3-D Hypno-Ring. These are fun mini-games that incorporate the different characters of the Captain Underpants series along with the user’s custom avatar. As well, there is the Beat Box 2000 that allows the user to create music using fun beats and their own sounds.

This app is available on the iPad and the iPad Mini. It costs $4.99. The intended age is for 6-8 year olds although the School Library Journal gives it a larger age range from 6 to 11. There is no expressed purpose of this app, but it does immerse the users into the world of Captain Underpants. This could be used to introduce reluctant readers to the series, by playing the games and reading an interactive story.

This app is age-appropriate. There are no in app ads, extra purchases, or links to outside websites. The graphics are age appropriate and all done in a Captain Underpants style. The app is heavily influence by commercial interest because it is based off a book series. However, there is no mention or push for buying future Captain Underpants books. It is run, by Scholastic and so there is a page at the beginning when the app is loading that promotes Scholastic, but it just shows the logo. The app does not have any expressed goals, but it creates a fun, interactive experience that can be enjoyable for children without having to worry about outside sources. This app was reviewed by MaryAnn Karre in the School Library Journal. Karre raves about the “terrific animation, challenging activities, and loads of irreverent fun.” As well, Karre highlights that the multiple levels and various elements “keeps the play fresh.” Overall, this app would be a fun addition for any fan of Captain Underpants because of its rude and over-the-top humor.



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