Motion Math: Pizza!

Motion Math: Pizza! is an app where players manage a pizza shop to see how much money one can earn in 30 days. Players have to shop for the ingredients and find which vendors are selling the ingredients for a better price. Players then create the pizzas and choose the names and prices for them. Finally, players work at the counter taking people’s orders and ringing up the prices. When players buy ingredients and create pizzas the pace is slower which allows players to contemplate and play around with different ideas. However, when working the counter players must move quickly as they take orders and add up their totals before the customers become too impatient and walk away. As well, players must be conscientious about what the customers are requesting such as lowering the price or adding more toppings. While managing the counter sometimes the player will be required to add up the sale total while other times they decided whether to sell their pizzas for the price the customer offers. If players make a mistake or lose out on a deal the game lets the player know and will explain what happened. As play progresses the math gets more complex and the speed increases.

Motion Math: Pizza! can run on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod touch platforms. The cost is $3.99 and the intended age is from 9-11 although it would be enjoyable for people over 11 especially if they enjoy a challenge.

The goals of the game is to work on math skills. It is intended for educators to use in the classroom or for children to use on their own. It works on economic and mental math skills. For example players increase their addition, multiplication, and comparison speed. The math is done through word problems which can increase their fluency. Overall, this app is intended for players to increase their math skills and their speed.

The app is age-appropriate with the types of math present in the game as well as the actual graphics of the app. It is created with the intended purpose for educators to use in the classroom. Because of this purpose the game does not have ads or any commercial interest. It is a part of Motion Math Games which has other math related apps that are intended to practice math skills. This app does successfully deliver its goals. It had a variety of different math concepts available and it switched up the skills throughout the game which creates variety and keeps the game fresh. The speed does increase as the game progresses and the player’s math improves. As I was playing this I did think the speed was too fast at times which resulted in me losing customers. I think that this might become frustrating to students if the speed increases too much. This app was reviewed by Debbie Gorrell for CommonSense Media. Gorrell praises the app for its uniqueness and engaging nature.  It was also reviewed by W.B. in Children’s Technology Review. W.B. equates it to a “cross between MECC’s Lemonade Stand and Diner Dash with a lot of applied math”. The app was given a 94% with a 10 for Entertainment, Education, and Good Value. Overall, it was highly reviewed and is rated as an “excellent supplementary experience, for use at home or in the classroom”. This app works on math fluency and would be an excellent way to practice math facts in a more fun game experience than just doing practice problems over and over again.



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