Review of “Beck and Bo” App

The app, Beck and Bo, has been described as a “fantastic app for playful discovery that understands how young children learn” by KinderTown and has received accolades from and was named as a 2013 Parent’s Choice Approved Award Winner. And truthfully, it seems that the app lives up to its recognition providing both an educational and entertaining experience for young preschoolers and toddlers. At a price point of $1.99, it is reasonably priced in regards to the others on the market and offers a range of platform options including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android, which makes it fairly accommodating to all different devices. Beck and Bo was created by Avokiddo, a creative studio company specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children. They maintain a philosophy of creating games and apps for children that have one thing in mind: the children themselves. This small company shares a common passion and goal in this endeavor and their first app, Beck and Bo, incorporates these values.

Beck and Bo is a creative and interactive app that aims to bolster exploration and imagination while combining entertainment and educational value. The characters, Bo and Beck, take the user on a journey through twelve different interactive environments ranging from a zoo to a beach. The app offers an easy drag-and-drop interface, which allows the user to move objects and characters around the screen as they perform different actions and tasks. As the user places or moves the object around, the app will announce the image’s name helping with recognition and sound. Beck and Bo do many everyday things throughout the app as well as the extraordinary providing an interesting and dynamic adventure.

beck and bo copyAccording to Common Sense Media, this app is intended for children aged 3 and up and appears to be a great tool for helping children with inference and reasoning skills. The objects and characters will float onto the screen and the user is responsible for moving them around making them do different things during that scene. Each time they move or drag something the app will announce that object’s name helping with association and vocabulary skills. And in doing so, the app works to encourage the learning of names of objects as well as the use and function of them. For instance, the child will interact with scenes such as linking train cars together, picking apples from a tree, and building a snowman. The graphics are undoubtedly geared towards toddler aged and preschool children with fun paper-cut outs and pleasing pastel colors that are both fun and easy to interact with. Ultimately, this app is age appropriate and clearly works to provide a fun and educational environment for young children. By incorporating everyday tasks, words, and ideas as well as a few unordinary events such as going on a safari, this app effectively bolsters creativity and works on reasoning and association skills.

(image source)

Reviewed by Kelsey Frey


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